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The Ministry to the Aged Pastoral Care Team ministers to care center residents and their families and to center staff. Chaplains engage in group activities such as Bible study, hymn singing, playing trivia as well as making personal visits to individual residents. People residing in care centers may feel lonely, depressed, or angry as they experience loss, adjust to new circumstances and face suffering or death. As people grow older there may be a desire to deepen their spiritual life. These are all occasions where MTA Chaplains provide sensitive and supportive pastoral care.

MTA Chaplains are trained to provide pastoral care in various situations connected with life in a residential care facility. When a loved one moves to a care center, family members experience many complex feelings. Suffering or dying are times of loss, grief and hope for the whole family. Care center staff often experience deep feelings for the people they care for on a daily basis. Residents, their families and center staff all benefit from the ministry of the MTA Pastoral Care Team.

Whenever possible, chaplains work with leaders of faith communities in ministry to their members. Chaplains are available for everyone regardless of their faith background or if they profess no faith at all. Members of the MTA Pastoral Care Team do not proselytize but feel it is an honor and privilege to facilitate spiritual growth for people who now make their home in a care center. As a testament to the care they provide, MTA chaplains are often asked to officiate at memorial or funeral services for former care center residents. Gifts in memory of loved ones and in response to care provided by our chaplains are made to MTA and contribute to our ability to continue to provide this special ministry.

MTA Pastoral Care Team

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