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In Gratitude to Supporters of Ministry to the Aged

As a Ministry to the Aged Chaplain, I hear many expressions of gratitude for the ministry that MTA provides – expressions that supporters of MTA don’t usually hear. I want to share a few that I heard recently.

“Thank you so much for the time you spend with me and my wife and for the visits and prayers you have with her when I am not here.” (From a devoted husband who spends hours each day with his wife who is in a deep coma.)

“Thank you for being here each week to lead our Bible study and hymn singing.”

“It meant so much to me and my family for you to be with us and my mother as she was dying. Through your presence we knew the presence of God. Your prayer and the hymns you led us in singing were very comforting.”

“I know that even though I am not a Christian you spend time with me and arehere for me, and I thank you for that.”

I constantly hear these expressions of gratitude for what MTA does. I wish all of you who support MTA could hear them directly from the residents. But since you can’t, I want you to know that when they are spoken to me, they are spoken to you. I add my gratitude to theirs. Thank you for your ongoing support for MTA.
John Payne, Senior Chaplain




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